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The current price of our puppies is $3,500. We realize that our pups are  expensive. These prices reflect the tremendous effort we put into thorough health testing, hands on puppy rearing,  the quality of the sire and dam, as well as our warranty and lifelong support over the puppy's lifetime.  Each puppy comes with: 



-  age appropriate shots (first distemper/parvo vaccine)

- 2 year health guarantee

- a blanket or toy with moms scent for comfort

- a collar

- 3 day supply of food

- lifetime support from us

You can expect to head home with a puppy who has been raised in a loving, bustling home. Your pup will come home having been handled and socialized daily. He will be exposed to other dogs, children, and if weather permits, swimming. He will have began crate training,  basic obedience commands,  housebreaking, and have gone on car rides. 

*We use Avidog's Transformational Puppy Rearing program. 

-We will contact you following the birth of your puppy. 

- We will provide weekly puppy updates and pictures.

- At the age of 7 weeks we will match you with the puppy that best fits your specific needs and desires. Once your pup has been chosen, we will send you a picture of your new baby! 

- We will be here for you for the life of your new family member.  We will take back any of our dogs at any time for any reason. 



We expect our owners: 

- to understand the demands of a young puppy: You will be bringing you pup home during what we call the "sensitive period" of his life. This period lasts until your puppy is 16 weeks old and it is CRITICAL to your puppy's long term development. It is very important that you have time to focus on his training and socialization during this time. It will stay with your dog through his life.  

- to have (make) time to properly exercise your dog

- to properly train your dog, preferably enrolling in an exceptional local training program (we can assist you with this) 

- to make your dog a member of your family-you dog should not live outside or in a kennel. He should be inside, as a part of the family. 

- provide proper veterinary care and grooming for you dog

- to feed a super high quality dog food, preferably one of our recommended brands/formulas

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