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Here at Willow Ridge we believe that all dogs should live a life as someone's beloved family member. All of our breeding stock live in homes as treasured family pets thanks to our Guardian Program. This allows us to expand our breeding program while maintaining the highest quality of life for our dogs.


A guardian is a local family who raises one of our future breeding stock as their own in their own home. The dog resides with you as your forever family pet while we retain breeding rights. Once the dog's breeding career is complete (3-4 litters for females, about 6 years for males), the dog is spayed/neutered at our expence and you live happily ever after with your pup! 


Here are some  basic prerequisites for our Guardian Program. 


- Willingness to feed high quality food as specified by us.

-The primary caregiver can't work full time outside of the home leaving the dog home alone for long periods of time.

- No intact male dogs should reside on the premise

- Must live within 10 miles of our home in Greenville 

--Must be willing to train the dog, attend basic obedience classes, and obtain a Canine Good Citizen certification

-A willingness to maintain open lines of communication with Willow Ridge in regard to any matter related to the dog. 

- A willingness to allow me to visit your home periodically to maintain familiarity with the dog

- A willingness to visit our home with the dog periodically. Our breeding stock will need to be comfortable in our home. 

-Must have a physical fence

-Must agree NOT to leave dog outside unsupervised for extended periods of time under any circumstances. 

If you are interested in being interviewed for our Guardian Program or have any questions regarding the program please contact me for further details. 



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