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Puppy Potty Training Tips

Consistency is key! We can't say it enough!

  • Puppies will need to go out every 30-45 minutes when you first bring them home. Yes, that is A LOT! Puppy bladders are so teeny tiny, and just like a potty training a toddler, they have to learn how to hold it.

  • Crate training. Even if you don't plan to keep your dog crated when they get older, we highly recommend the use of a crate when you're potty training. It is not in the nature of a dog to use the bathroom where they sleep. Crating them teaches them how to "hold it"! Added Bonus: Crating your pup also ensures that they are safe when you can't supervise them. Puppies chew everything early on and crating them keeps them from chewing wires or swallowing harmful items that could cause intestinal blockages. * If you have a Willow Ridge puppy, we've already started working on this with your pup *

  • Tons and tons of treats and praise! So you've just let your dog out of it's crate- take the pup immediately outside and as soon as they use the bathroom, give them a few treats and lots of praise and love.

  • Don't give your puppy free reign of the house. Puppies are notorious for sneaking off to do their business! If you're going to be in the kitchen cooking, gate off the kitchen so they have to stay with you. If you'll be working in the office, keep them in the office with you. This will also help with typical puppy mischief such as ripping up papers or chewing on shoes and cords.

  • Tether your puppy to you! Get a leash that you can attach to your hip so your pup is always by your side. Tethering has other great benefits we will cover in another blog post.

  • Don't wake your puppy to go potty if he is taking a nap, but make sure you take him out as soon as he wakes up. Puppies go hard in their play sessions and will often be ready for a pretty long nap after. Be sure to take him out right when he wakes up to avoid any accidents.

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