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These are our planned litters for 2023. If you would like to reserve a place on any of these litters call (252)493-2649. Deposit is $500- more information can be found under our purchase information page. The photos next to each pairing/description are of puppies that have come from the pairing OR photos of mom/dad (if it is their first breeding). 



This is a tried and true pairing that produces adorable red, apricot, and cream puppies, some with white markings. They are cuddly, loving, loyal and as cute as can be! This will be our 3rd litter with this pairing because the pups they produce are just that amazing! 20-35 lb


This will be our second litter with this pairing because the first was just that scrumptious! Elsa and Romeo produce apricot/cream partis, apricots, and reds. These puppies are silly, playful, and easy going like their momma and snuggly and loving like their dad! 20-35 lb

Worker with Ladder

Luna + Dublin

This is Luna’s first litter. She is out of our first Romeo+Sunshine litter. Luna is affectionately called “Lovebug Luna” because she is so snuggly and loving. This pairing will produce caramels, apricots, reds, and creams with some white markings. 25-35lb

Poppy+ tbd

Poppy is a sweet, easy going girl who loves to snuggle up with her favorite people. She is a tiny girl and we will breed her with a tiny boy for a litter of mini puppies! 



Roxie produces pups who, like herself, are very affectionate and love their people! This pairing can produce reds, apricots, caramels, and creams. 20-35lb

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